Drugs Discovered Three Times At Biden’s White House Since 2022 Boebert Says After Secret Service Briefing

Following a Secret Service briefing on Thursday, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert announced that cocaine discovered at the White House on July 2 was not the first time drugs were found at Biden’s White House.

Boebert said: “There’s a list of more than 500 individuals that they looked into their backgrounds for prior drug records or use, and nothing was determined from their analysis.

“And the Secret Service is very eager to close this within the next couple of days. This is the third time that drugs have been found on the White House property since 2022, and we did not even hear about the marijuana.

“I certainly did not hear about the marijuana that was found in 2022, two times, and now there’s cocaine on the property. 

“So everything they do is to move along to the next story. 

“They know there will be another Biden crime crisis.”

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace, said: “The cocaine caper is going to be concluded without any outcome. No suspects, no resolution.

“Which is frustrating, because every time there’s something unsavory happening on the president, the White House’s administration, we never get an answer. 

“And it’s just ironic and interesting and frustrating.”