Dr. Phil Sides With Parents, Scolds Woke Educators: ‘What makes you think you know better than a parent about what should happen to a child”

Parents and educators fired back at each other on Dr. Phil’s show over woke curriculum in schools. The topic of the Parental Rights in Education law signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came up with Dr. Phil taking the side of the parents.

“National sex education standards right now for K-3 say that gender ideology – those children need to know by 3rd grade that you can be a boy or a girl, neither or both. That is very concerning to our moms and to parents,” Moms for Liberty co-founder Tina Descovich said.

“There is no reason that a kindergarten teacher need to teach that to 5-year-olds, that is something families should be discussing.”

“The policies in the state of Florida, and this is from her organization directly, from when I was on the school board,” Descovich said.

She was referring to Equality for Florida executive director Nadine Smith.

She continued:

“They have put procedures and policies in place in the state of Florida that not only don’t inform parents of these decisions being made about the safety of their children, they purposely deceive parents. 

“This is very concerning to us, and this is one of the reasons that moms are so rallied behind this mission, they do not want to be deceived by teachers and school leaders.”

Professor Jody Armour ripped DeSantis’ education law as having a “chilling effect” on teachers because it uses “vague and amorphous standards, you don’t know if you’re gonna run afoul of them, you just avoid those conversations altogether.”

She added:

“We want parents to be engaged with the development of their children.

‘We also, as a public school system, want to educate citizens who are gonna go out and be flourishing and thrive in a democracy that’s multicultural.”

Enter Dr. Phil:

“But the onus of that lies with the parents.

“They’re in control of the care and custody of their children, and my question to you is what makes you think you know better than a parent about what should happen to a child when they have a life-determining decision about whether they’re going to make a decision about gender or anything else?

“You have to call before you give them a Tylenol.

“You can’t make a presumption that this child can’t take this information home.”