Dr. Phil McGraw Tells Bill Maher To ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ During Contentious Interview

Dr. Phil McGraw told Hollywood comedian Bill Maher to ‘go f*ck yourself’ during a contentious interview on Maher’s podcast Club Random. The two spared over Trump and Biden with McGraw refusing to trash Trump as Maher demanded.

Maher said: “I hate to be that guy at the party who says, ‘Hey Doc, could you look at my elbow’ but like, as long as you are here and I may never get the chance again. Please. I mean, have a shot at me. I would love to hear — if you have any thoughts about like how I could be better or what maybe I’m doing wrong.

McGraw said. “No, that’s why I said — I’m probably the last person to do it cause I think we think too much alike. I watch all of your shows,” 

“Oh good,” Maher said.

“You watch none of mine, so go f*ck yourself,” McGraw said.

“Maybe I’ll start now. Well, now you’re going off the air. Oh, bad timing,” Bill said.

“You’ve gotta do Real Time then,” Maher said. “Come on.”

“I was gonna do it a couple times last year and the schedule didn’t work out,” McGraw said.

“That’s what they always say when they just don’t want to do it,” Maher said.

“Not on my part,” McGraw said.

“Not on your part — Well, I apologize if that was the case and I will fix this because I don’t know where that wire got crossed,” Maher said.

“I tried. I was scratching on the door. They wouldn’t let me in,” McGraw said.

“No. I promise you that’s not the case. I’ve asked for years,” Maher said.

The topic turned to Biden and Trump.

“I’m not a big fan of our president or the last one, but I respect the office of the president and to see somebody screaming liar — that disrespects the office. I think the rest of the world’s gotta be looking at that going ‘God,’” McGraw said.

Maher said: “They are very different people and one of them is much more of a threat to the republic. And that would be the 45th. Would you not agree?”

“It’s not politics that determine the outcome of society. It’s culture. I don’t care about politics… I don’t care about that. I care about our culture,” McGraw said

Maher said:

“Okay? I’m disappointed that I can’t get you to just out and out say that Trump is a completely different animal than the politics on the left and the right that we both agree is very lacking on both sides.

Now again, I come back to Trump, you gotta like be on the page that he’s worse than Joe Biden and very different than Joe Biden. Come on, doc.

“If I can’t have your faith on that, it’s very hard for me to understand where you’re coming from on any issue.”

Dr Phil refused to take the bait and set Maher straight:

“I’m telling you this. That’s a cop out. What difference does it make? A – he’s not in power now. B – he’s probably not gonna be.”

Maher eventually gave up saying:

“One thing you have to have in a friendship, and I hope we’re friends now for a long time, is the ability to air your differences and then just move on.”