Donald Trump Warns Dems He’s In The Clear On Stormy Daniels Case: ‘I Think They’ve Already Dropped the Case’

Former President Donald Trump told reporters on his plane following a rally in Waco, TX Saturday that he thinks the Manhattan DA’s probe into the Stormy Daniels payments is over and he is in the clear.

Trump said: “I think they’ve already dropped the case. It’s a fake case. Some fake cases, they have absolutely nothing.”

He said on Truth Social later: “They have absolutely no case. The only witnesses are against their so-called ‘star’ witness, a serial liar, convicted felon, and disbarred lawyer. I did nothing wrong, and they know it.

“This, and everything else that they are doing with the DOJ-led Witch Hunt.”

Hollywood comedian Bill Maher warned Alvin Bragg that he would be making a huge mistake if he arrested Trump.

Bill said:

“I just would like to go on record of saying, I think this is a colossal mistake if they bring these charges.

“I mean, yes, he’s done a lot of bad things and I’m sure he did this. Everything they accuse him of having done, he did.

“But, first of all, it’s not going to work.

“It’s going to be rocket fuel for his 2024 campaign. 

“And it’s just going to look to Mag Nation like, ‘Oh, you know, you tried with Mueller, you tried with Ukraine, you tried with January 6. Now we go to the porn star. Really? You’re down to that?

“Between March Madness bracket and Stormy Daniels, what a week for big busts, huh.

“Yes. All week, everybody’s been on pins and needles because we thought the word was going to come down that Trump was going to be indicted and arrested. 

“And it’s true. 

“Trump may be indicted in a criminal investigation, and everybody in this country said the same thing: ‘Which one?’ It’s the one with Stormy Daniels. 

“Trump is the first guy ever to pay a porn star to shut her mouth.”