Donald Trump Issues Warning To CNN, NYT, And MSNBC: “Not reporting with credibility has its consequences, people are wise to it”

Former President Donald Trump unloaded on the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC in a series of videos on Wednesday. Trump said:

“The fake news media like CNN, MSDNC – which is sometimes referred to as MSNBC –the Washington Compost – which is sometimes referred to as the Washington Post – and the failing New York Times are doing really, really badly and closing up shop all over the place.

“CNN is shuttering its longtime headquarters building and the money-losing Washington Post is being peddled all over to see whether or not somebody wants to buy it. In the meantime they’re firing massive numbers of people. 

“Not reporting with credibility has its consequences. 

“The future of the fake news looks bleak and that’s a positive thing, but beware the Marxists and communists, which are well represented in our government. 

“Many of them got there by fake news, so we have to stop it.

“It’s very simple; no ratings equal no money.

“They got no money because they have no ratings. 

“That’s what fake news gets you. People are wise to it.”

“If they’d cover the news fairly, accurately, with a passion for our country, this wouldn’t be happening to the Washington Post.

 “People don’t want fake news.”

“I say they are stupid and corrupt because the election’s a long ways away, almost two years.

“But do not fear, many giant rallies and other events are coming up very soon.

“It will all be wild and exciting, and we’re going to bring our country back.”