Donald Trump Breaks Silence On Hunter Biden’s Sweetheart Plea Deal: “Our system is broken”

Former President Donald Trump broke his silence on Hunter Biden’s overly generous plea deal and slammed the Department of Justice and the current president’s scandalous son.

Trump said: “Wow! The corrupt Biden DOJ just cleared up hundreds of years of criminal liability by giving Hunter Biden a mere “traffic ticket.” Our system is BROKEN! People are going wild over the Hunter Biden Scam with the DOJ!”

Former US Attorney Brett L. Tolman also smelled something rotten. Tolman said: “DOJ is violating its own internal policies on this case. The Ashcroft Memo requires they charge the “highest provable offense” and seek consistent sentences with other cases brought by DOJ. This prosecution is an absolute laughable joke.

“Thousands have been sent to prison for long terms for the same charges. They are ignoring decades of policy and precedent to seek felonies not misdemeanors and seek sentences within the guideline range. 

“The diversion agreement on the felony is offensive to everyone not politically connected who sought diversions and were literally laughed at by DOJ.

“Thousands of people have been prosecuted under Project Safe Neighborhoods by DOJ. 

“They brag about getting nearly 5 years of prison time on average for their gun cases. 

“If they followed policy, Hunter would be looking at a minimum of 5 years in federal prison. 

“But he’s a Biden.

“Take a look at 18 USC  924(c) charges. 

“Easy to prove given Hunter was distributed/dealing drugs with a firearm in his possession. 

“Such charges were brought against thousands in inner cities across the country for last 20 years. “Mandatory minimum sentences for all. Except Hunter.

“Since Hunter “brandished” his firearm during the commission of a drug crime, he would be looking at a mand min of 7 years in fed prison. 

“DOJ could also add on top and min possession of child pornography if any of the girls were underage, plus on top of that years for tax evasion.

“If DOJ treated Hunter Biden like the thousands of no-names who get prosecuted he would be looking at decades in federal prison. 

“Yes, I said decades.

Jonathan Turley said about Hunter Biden’s plea agreement: 

“For many, this is gonna look like you ticketed the getaway driver after a bank robbery.”