Donald Trump And Tucker Carlson Shatter Records, Beat Oprah And Super Bowl To Become Most Watched Interview In History

Former President Donald Trump and ex-Fox News star Tucker Carlson shattered records last night with their interview on Elon Musk’s platform

The interview has 189.2M views so far. To put that in the proper perspective, Super Bowl 57 between the Chiefs and Eagles had 115 Million viewers

The interview also beat Oprah and became the most-watched interview of all time. White House reporter Simon Ateba said:

@TuckerCarlson’s interview with @realDonaldTrump has garnered over 160 million views, making it the most-watched interview of all time. 

“It surpasses the 1993 Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey interview, which previously held the title with an estimated 90 million viewers.”

Trump and Tucker both got even with Chris Wallace during the interview.

Wallace ‘protected’ Biden during the Trump Biden debate according to the former president causing Tucker to call Wallace a bitchy little man.

“Not a friend,” Carlson said.

“Why is it, he wants to be Mike but he doesn’t have the talent?” Trump said. “

“He’s a bitchy little man,” Carlson said.

“He wanted to be his father, but he didn’t have the talent,” Trump said. 

Carlson said: “He’s a little fussy man.

“His father had talent at least.”