Don Trump Jr Drops Hammer On Cindy McCain, Mocks Colin Powell: “Warmongering leftist in reality”

Don Trump Jr dropped thew hammer on all the Republicans the Democrats dragged out to make convention speeches, they “have definitely pulled out a list of the biggest RINOs in government and put them.”

“I don’t think that the GOP is looking at any of those people as thought leaders,” he added.

“I guess the only other person that they could roll out would be Mitt Romney to really round out the diversity of Democrats or Republicans for Biden, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.”


“I don’t think anyone’s going to say Cindy McCain is going to come and support Trump,” Trump Jr. added.

He then went down the list and wondered why this was a story when we all knew where these RHINO’s stood politically form years.

“I think that Colin Powell is obviously a little upset because we’re not in endless wars because of Donald Trump, we’re not trying to get into those things,” Trump Jr. said before saying Powell “has not voted for a Republican since 2004.”

“He voted for Clinton, he voted for Obama twice so I know the Democrats want that marketing boost of this is some sort of great Republican leader, but all he is a warmongering leftist in reality,” Trump Jr. said.

“The media will continue to try to boost it as though it’s a real thing, but the reality is, the Republican base, conservatives, they see what Donald Trump has done,” Trump Jr. said.

“They’ve seen the unprecedented economic numbers that he was able to deliver.”

“If Joe Biden knew how to fix anything, anything, why didn’t he tell Obama?”

“Why didn’t he do it in the first half a century of his swamp career? Because he can’t,” Trump Jr. said.