Devin Nunes Offers Simple Solution That Spells Doom For Deep State

Outgoing House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has a simple solution to fix a huge problem facing our government and one that allows the deep state to run wild.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant and this should be a bipartisan issue as the left should also be demanding transparency from our government.

“Our investigation is essentially over. We have everything that we need. What we’re lacking now is that we’re lacking the declassification by the president,” Nunes told Fox news.

“For various reasons, the president or his staff doesn’t want to do it. Therefore, I think it’s important if the president doesn’t want his hands on it, we have to have somebody, some office, that’s going to look at all of these issues and all of these documents that need to be declassified,” Nunes said.

“I’m going be working with my colleagues to work on and send some example over to the president of a transparency type of office, so that the Congress, the American people, others can put in requests of documents or issues that they want declassified.”

“That way the president doesn’t have to take this full burden on and the Congress has somewhere where we can go to try to avoid the swamp creatures from getting involved and ensuring that the American public is kept in the dark.”

This is a good move because as we saw with Trump he was under pressure from all sides and even some allies about releasing sensitive information.

Given that pressure and the threats to international security (real or imagined), Trump’s hands were tied.

“We need to make sure that there’s light. I always say that sunlight is the best disinfectant in Washington,” Nunes added.

“The more that we can get declassified, I think, the better. And I think an easy way to do it is to create an office that actually just works directly under the White House that specializes in evaluating this documentation and errs on the side of the more sunlight the better to make sure that everything we want declassified gets declassified.”