Democrat NY Councilman Flips On Alvin Bragg, Testifies Against Him At Jordan’s Hearing: “I have never seen the lawlessness we are seeing now”

Manhattan District Attorney got some bad news when a New York City Dem councilman flipped and will testify against Bragg at Jim Jordan’s Congressional hearing. (See Video Below)

Councilman Robert Holden, who has served as the representative for the 30th district since 2018, is prepared to testify that the crime rate in New York City has increased “because of Bragg.”

He said: “When Bragg came in, he issued that ridiculous edict that he was not going to prosecute smaller crimes. What do we have in New York City? We have lawlessness on the streets. I have never seen the lawlessness we are seeing now.

“Under his policy, petty theft, even resisting arrest, prostitution, public urination will not be prosecuted. This is a DA saying to that to the public. It is just stupid. It’s just dumb. We have a bad combination in New York. There were 17 straight years of downward crime in New York City until that 2019 bail reform law.”

He said because of the new law members of the NYPD “don’t want to engage” with suspects.

“Even if they do engage, they’re going to get district attorneys like Bragg who are going to say, ‘We’re not prosecuting,’” he said. 

“I credit Rudy Giuliani as the mayor who saved New York. 

“I lived through that. They don’t like to hear it. But I lived through it.”

According to ABC:

The witnesses scheduled to testify include advocates for victim’s rights and Jose Alba, a bodega worker who was charged with murder in a killing that was later ruled self-defense, and the charges were dropped.

“There is shoplifting, there’s boosting, there’s assaults, there’s rapes, there’s a nonstop crime. You look on 57th Street alone from east to west, it’s become a danger zone,” said Curtis Sliwa, former candidate for NYC Mayor, and head of the Guardian Angels.

“We were treated like garbage! Like garbage!” said Madeline Brame, the victim’s mother.

Brame did not hold back her disdain for DA Bragg.

She’s angry that after her son, Army Veteran Hassan Correa was murdered in Harlem, Bragg’s office took over the case, decided the evidence was not sufficient, and downgraded the charges.