Dem Senator Mazie Hirono Crosses Line With New Trump Insult: White supremacists make up a lot of Trump’s base

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono crossed the line with her new attack on President Trump and his supporters.

She was trashing Lindsey Graham for agreeing to call Robert Mueller to testify (something the left wants) and said the nation has more pressing issues.

She detailed what she thought we should focus on and then said Trump’s base of supporters are white supremacists.

“We now have three crises that we’re having to deal with, and it’s a pandemic, we have an economic crisis, we have police brutality and systemic racism crisis,” the senator said.

“And so what’s happening is that really covering for the president and his failures is the operating principle for his enablers.

What are we going to hear from Bob Mueller at this point? Nothing much. We should be dealing with the pandemic, with the opening of schools.

You just did a perfect coverage on the concerns that everyone has about schools reopening.

We should be dealing with the economic crisis,” she continued.

“And we should be dealing with the racism that is in our country to which the president speaks to because he has a base of supporters who are very anti-immigrant and white supremacists.

That’s who, that’s the, a lot of his base and that’s who he speaks to, so the divisiveness continues. So, we should be focusing on the things that we need to focus on.”

“This president doesn’t take responsibility for anything, he only cares about himself, unlike another candidate that I know, Joe Biden,” she added.