Dem Senator Calls For New Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh And FBI

The left is still furious at Brett Kavanaugh. They will never get over Brett beating out the smear job of the century and getting his seat on the highest court in the land.

It is sad because if you actually look at Kavanaugh’s rulings, you would see that he is a totally independent jurist.

He has joined the liberals, he has joined the conservatives, and in that way, he has proved everyone wrong.

But that didn’t stop Sheldon Whitehouse, A Democratic Senator from Rhode Island from calling Brett a liar and demanding a new investigation into how he got on the court. Sad.

Sheldon said, “We must never forget how Kavanaugh lied his way onto the Court, on the back of a fake FBI investigation and a partisan male- and Republican-victimhood saga he created to drown out the witness against him. Might be good for the House to investigate that FBI “investigation.”

Sheldon was responding to this call for Kavanaugh to recuse from Slate:

Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s old court rebuked his anti-abortion jurisprudence on Friday, compelling the Trump administration to allow undocumented minors in federal custody to terminate their pregnancies.

The appeals court’s ruling rejects the administration’s blanket ban on abortion access for these minors as a violation of their constitutional right to choose. It should guarantee all undocumented minors control over their bodies, a right the federal government has spent more than two years seeking to revoke.

Friday’s decision is the latest chapter in a controversy that began in March 2017. That month, then–Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement Scott Lloyd announced that minors in federal custody could not obtain abortions without his permission, which he flatly refused to grant. Instead, Lloyd urged pregnant minors not to get abortions and called their parents—without their consent—to inform them that their children were pregnant.

He also tracked minors’ periods and pregnancies on a spreadsheet, apparently to determine when they were too far along to obtain a legal abortion.

Lloyd even barred abortions for minors whose pregnancies resulted from rape, declaring that forcing these teenagers to give birth was in their “best interest.”