Dem Chicago Lawmaker Risks Career, Blows Whistle On Lori Lightfoot: “The criminals are winning, she failed because she’s lost the trust of law enforcement”

Democratic State Rep. La Shawn K. Ford went on Fox News’ hit morning show ‘Fox and Friends’ to ask Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to do their jobs and clean up the city.

Ford represents the violence-plagued west side of Chicago in the State Assembly. He made his comments after a weekend that left seven dead and 23 injured in Chicago and saw six police cars get heavily damaged by a mob.

Ford said: “Too many babies have been killed. Too many fathers have been killed. Too many mothers have been killed. Too many brothers have been killed. And this has to stop.

“And the only way you stop it is you have a system in place that’s going to go after criminals.

“We cannot allow them to continue to run our communities and make our lives less safe. So only a few of them we could get them.

“Once we eliminate these criminals off the street, people will live in peace, and we can do it. We know where they’re at.”

“The criminals are winning in Chicago. I think she’s failed because she’s lost the trust of law enforcement. “She doesn’t have a working relationship with Kim Foxx. She doesn’t have a working relationship with Chief Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court Timothy Evans.

“That’s a problem. 

“The community sees that, criminals see it, and they know that they can get away with murder.

“My daughter went to pick up her cousins from school. She dropped them off. And within moments, a car drives by and shoots up the car and shoots and kills him right here in front of my daughter and his kids.”

Caldwell said:

“The Democratic Party of Chicago has protected Kim Foxx. 

“They’ve protected Lori Lightfoot, so him speaking out against the both of them, him slamming them, is really a danger to his career. 

“But his family’s lives have been touched by this. 

“So I really respect and applaud him for saying what he said,” he said.

CWB Chicago responded to Lori with numbers from the Chicago Police Department when she tried to play dumb about the crime recently:

OK, Lori. We’ll report the numbers. 

Since you took office: 

Overall major crimes are up 16%. 

Murder up 33%. 

Robbery up 5%. 

Theft up 32%.

Motor vehicle theft up 62%