Dem Chicago Alderman Rips Mayor Lightfoot, “Lost Control of City, Lost the Confidence”

Chicago’s 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale ripped Mayor Lori Lightfoot for the terrible job she is doing. “I think the mayor has lost the confidence and the control of this city.”

“She’s listening to the wrong people and the wrong people are really leading this unrest in the city of Chicago.”

“The aldermen are the ones elected by their constituency and there is a total disregard of listening to the alderman who knows the post of this city and knows the post of their ward.”


He also said the only Walmart that did not get looted in Chicago was in his neighborhood.

“My commander listened to me and did exactly what I asked him to do. I was trying to get resources from downtown and was totally told no that I could not get those resources and so my commander did what I asked them to do and we saved that particular Walmart.”

“There are people trying to hijack this Black Lives Matter movement and those are the people that are causing this unrest and those are the people that need to be arrested and be held accountable.”

Lori went on MSNBC and took a few shots at Trump rather than face up to her failure.

“We need a leader in the White House who understands the importance of cities to our country. We are the economic engine to our country.

If we don’t have a leader who gets that and understands that and is going out of his way to support cities, not just with sending in the troops but understanding the importance of the economic vitality of our cities, our cities have been hit hard by economic downturn occasion by COVID-19.

We’re still looking for support from the federal government to make sure that all of us can get through this on the other side and recover in the most robust way as possible and we’re not seeing the kind of leadership that we need from the White House to help our cities at a time of greatest need.

We’re experiencing all over the country, not just Chicago depression-like economic conditions. Our businesses are crying out in pain. Our employees are on the street. Unemployment is going through the roof, we all know that, we see the numbers. We need a plan from Washington, D.C. that responds to the realities on the ground and cities like Chicago.

So, yes, we need to continue this conversation around police reform, accountability, and racial justice, but we also need to frame that in the context of in larger economic downturn and the size of it and scale of it across the country can only properly be addressed by the federal government.

It is depressing and frustrating that the Senate has gone home when people are starving for resources and cities like Chicago.

We need our national leadership to stand up and stand tall in this moment, and make sure that we have an economic plan that deals with the realities and lifts us out of these depression-like conditions, and we have yet to see that happen”