Dan Crenshaw Turns On Trump, Sides With Nancy Pelosi On Key Legislation Over Confederate Statutes

Republican House Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) just stabbed Trump in the back and sided with Nancy Pelosi in key legislation.

The bill will remove multiple confederate statutes from the capitol. Many other GOP rep crossed party lines to support the bill.

Dan shared an article on social media that detailed why he chose to vote this way. From Justthenews:


“The American people know, these names have to go. These names are white supremacists that said terrible things about our country,” Pelosi said during a press conference on Thursday.

McCarthy, a California Republican, said the statues that concern Pelosi are a problem within her own party.

“They were voted upon in the legislature and brought here under Democrat majorities from Mississippi to the other states that she speaks about,” he said.

The statues that Pelosi wants removed include:

Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America and former Democratic U.S. senator from Mississippi

James Zachariah George, former Democratic U.S. senator from Mississippi and member of the Confederacy as well as the Mississippi Secession Convention

Wade Hampton, lieutenant general for the Confederacy and former Democratic governor of South Carolina

John E. Kenna, member of the Confederate States Army, former Democratic congressman and U.S. senator from West Virginia

Uriah Milton Rose, chairman of the Resolutions Committee of the Arkansas Democratic Party

Edmund Kirby Smith, general for the Confederate States Army with no recorded political party affiliation

Alexander Hamilton Stephens, vice president of the Confederate States who served as a Democratic congressman from Georgia and governor of Georgia

Zebulon Baird Vance, member of the Confederate Army and former Democratic governor of North Carolina

Joseph Wheeler, commander in the Confederate Army and former Democratic congressman from Alabama

Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate States Army

Edward Douglass White, member of Confederate Army, former Louisiana Democratic senator and associate justice of the Supreme Court