Dan Bongino Confirms Cancer Diagnosis: “Nothing to be depressed about, there’s a treatment plan”

Conservative commentator and radio host Dan Bongino revealed today that he has been diagnosed with cancer after undergoing surgery for a lump in his neck.

Bongino is married with two kids and said his lymphoma has treatment options.

“I’m out of surgery & I feel good. They removed the whole tumor from my neck. The bad news is, it looks like lymphoma,” he said on Instagram.

“The good news is, there are treatment options. Either way, we’ll be okay,” he added.

“We did get a diagnosis yesterday from my doctor unfortunately, it is cancer,” Bongino said on his radio show.

“It’s lymphoma, the Hodgkin’s type, but it is treatable,” he told his audience.

“Feel like I owe you an update, we’re gonna leave it there.”

“Nothing to be depressed about, there’s a treatment plan.”

“Everybody’s got their obstacles,” he added.

“But, I do have cancer, and that is hard for me to say, but we’ll be okay and I am optimistic, that’s not some act I’m putting on for the show,” he added before praising his family and his loyal fans.