Concealed Carry Holder Sends Attacker To Hospital In Chicago As City Sees Another Violent Memorial Day

A concealed carry holder in Chicago wounded a man who opened fire on him sending the suspect to the hospital. on Sunday when he shot at a concealed carry holder, and that guy shot back.

Chicago police said the suspect approached the concealed carry license holder near South Kostner in West Lawn around 6:22 p.m. and opened fire on the man.

The 24-year-old concealed carry license holder shot back hitting the suspect in the thigh. The suspect was taken to Holy Cross Hospital and was taken into custody.

Chicago had another violent Memorial Day weekend that left nine people dead and 34 wounded.

Mayor Brandon Johnson said at the CPD’s 8th District roll call:

“If you point fingers, nothing gets done.

“But if you surround yourself with people who have a vested interest in a better, stronger, safer Chicago, there’s a lot more we can do if we work together.”

According to ABC:

The violence happening despite Mayor Brandon Johnson’s new safety plan, to increase police on the streets and include community groups to help curb violence in the city.

Over the weekend, 35-year-old William Hair’s family spoke to ABC 7 about what happened to their loved one early Saturday morning in Lakeview.

“He was there with his best friend.

They pulled up, didn’t have a chance to do anything. His best friend, thank God, was with him, and valiantly tried to save his life, and performed CPR, helped him breathe.

My son fought for his life, but he was gone,” Bill said.

Hair was one of five people shot over the past four days in Lakeview, police are saying they plan to increase patrols in that area.

Sunday night, police say a 2-year-old boy was shot while was playing in a bedroom with an adult when a gun went off – the boy was hit in the right hand.