Colorado Springs PD Allows Protest In Residential Area, Tells People To Shelter In Place After They Complained

The Colorado Springs Police Department just issued a stunning warning to residents after BLM protesters broke the law during a protest last night.

The protesters were blocking residential streets and thus breaking the law but instead of enforcing the laws, the Colorado Springs Police Department told the residents to shelter in place. Wow.

The Colorado Springs Police Department said: “We’re aware of a protest occurring in the Pulpit Rock residential neighborhood.”


“We believe in our community’s right to peacefully protest, but please be aware that demonstrating in a residential area is governed by Colorado laws: 18-9-108.5 and 18-9-107.”

“Protestors have blocked Pulpit Rock Drive, which is illegal under CRS 18-9-107. Officers have given announcements to protestors, reminding them to not block the streets.

“An official message has been sent to residences in the area of the 6000 block of Pulpit Rock Drive to shelter in place due to the civil disturbance/protest.  This message is to keep community members informed and safe.”

“All protesters have left and dispersed the area. The shelter in place has been lifted.”

“We are thankful to our community for their assistance and patience; we’re glad everyone is safe.”