CNN’s Ratings Continue To Fall With No End In Sight, Down ‘More Than Two-Thirds Of The Audience’ Compared To January

CNN executives and the network’s high-priced stars just got some terrible news. The ratings are in and they are bad. Again. CNN is literally seeing its ratings fall off a cliff in real-time just a few months after cash cow and ratings driver Donald Trump left office.

Many predicted, even Trump himself, that the media would see a drop in viewers when he left. He plays the media game perfectly and gave them all exactly what they needed to drive the ratings.  He was an irresistible villain, so they did what they always do and no one cared about the truth.

That said, no one thought the ratings would be this bad. Media critic Joe Concha said, “The drop CNN is experiencing is profound. On Friday, not one program broke 900K total viewers. Prime averaged less than 800K overall. For comparison, the network averaged 2.74 million viewers in January.”

“So we’re talking about more than two-thirds of the audience – gone,” he added before linking to a ratings report that detailed the carnage:

Cable News Ratings Fri May 7

Average Viewers

4 pm to Midnight  Demo | Total 

@FoxNews 257,500 1,761,375 

@MSNBC   181,750 1,497,500 

@CNN        178,375   752,000 


Fox News 269,667 2,053,000 

MSNBC    227,000 1,814,333 

CNN         164,000   799,333

From Forbes:

Fox News Channel easily outdistanced the cable news competition last week, taking first place not just among the cable news networks, but beating ESPN in prime time to take the top-rated network in all of basic cable.

Fox News had an average prime time audience of 2.26 million viewers, ahead of ESPN (2.1 million viewers), MSNBC (1.65 million viewers), HGTV (1.29 million viewers) and CNN (1.12 million viewers).

Among viewers 25-54, the demographic group most valued by national advertisers, Fox News was first with 367,000 viewers, followed by CNN (294,000 viewers) and MSNBC (241,000 viewers), according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen for the week ending May 2.

Tucker Carlson Tonight was the most-watched cable news program for the week, delivering a total audience of 2.9 million viewers and 502,000 viewers in the key demo.