CNN’s John King Sets Record Straight: ‘Problems At The Border Didn’t Start With Trump’

CNN reporter John King just set the record straight about the border crisis. Look, our immigration system has always had issues that occasionally flared up.

But the geniuses in DC never could get their act together. So now, and this is due to multiple factors, we have an unprecedented crisis on our border.

What do the Democrats and the media do? Nothing save blame Trump. But not today on CNN, today on CNN John King set the record straight.

From The Daily Caller: CNN’s John King took time Tuesday to note that problems at the U.S. border did not start with President Donald Trump.

Democrats have criticized Trump and his administration for its immigration policies, as well as the treatment of migrants at the border. King said the U.S. faced many of the same problems under the Obama administration.

“This particular issue is not new,” King said. “This has been a problem the U.S. government has had to figure out a solution to for a long time.”

King then replayed an interview that former President Barack Obama did with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, where Obama issued a warning to migrant families not to send their children “unaccompanied” to the U.S.

“That is five years ago this very week. That’s five years ago this very week, in the sense that, again, there’s a current divide. The current president evokes emotions among Democrats.”  King said. 

“A lot of progressives weren’t happy with that president, President Obama. They called him the ‘deporter-in-chief.’

But this issue has been unresolved, different pieces of it, for 20 plus years about unaccompanied children. That’s a clip from five years ago this week. When? How?”