CNN’s April Ryan Crosses Line, Says Trump “Instigated A Race War In USA,” May Be Prosecuted By ICC

CNN reporter April Ryan just crossed the line with her new Trump attack and it is a wild one to be sure. Ryan actually said on air Trump could be prosecuted for “instigating a race war” by the ICC.

Stunningly irresponsible for CNN and Ryan to say things like this on-air when the nation needs to tone down the rhetoric on all sides.

And we do not hand over our Presidents to any International Courts – if Bush and Cheney and that gang were not prosecuted by an international court nor even an American one for what they did in Iraq, which makes Trump look like a choir boy, he will not be prosecuted when he leaves office. By anyone.

That is not how we do it and April should be ashamed of herself for even suggesting it. Sad.

From The Free Beacon:

CNN analyst April Ryan said Sunday that President Donald Trump should be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court (ICC) for “instigating a race war.”

“This president, Donald John Trump, has instigated a race war in America,” she said. “There is a race war right now because of this president.

People are calling me, asking if there indeed is a way to get the International Crimes Court [sic] to come in to deal with this.

You know, I’ve talked to some people who are in intelligence, and they’re saying, ‘He’s done heinous things,’ but they have to see, we don’t know for sure.”

This is not the first time it has been suggested that the president should face ICC prosecution.

In April, Ohio state representative Tavia Galonski (D.) said she would refer Trump to the ICC for crimes against humanity after he suggested hydroxychloroquine could be an effective treatment for coronavirus.

When asked by the press how she would go about making the referral, Galonski said she had “no idea,” but added, “How hard can it be?”

Galonski later tweeted her email address, asking for a lawyer “on the international level to contact me.”

According to a report by Law & Crime, the U.S. has routinely rejected attempts by the ICC to prosecute any of its citizens for domestic crimes since the 1990s, and no president has ever been tried at the ICC.