Chuck Schumer Blocks Trump’s Judges In Sneaky Year End Move Enraging Mitch McConnell

Chuck Schumer just stabbed Mitch McConnell in the back in a sneaky last-minute move to block Trump’s judicial picks.

This guy really is arrogant to pull this stunt with the weak hand he is holding and it is simply a cheap shot taken by a beaten foe.

The tired last grasp of a boxer before he hits the canvas for good.

It is nothing more than sour grapes because Chuck does not have the votes to actually stop these picks but he can make life miserable for Mitch and the other members in the GOP so he, like a child, is taking that option.

Worse even, Chuck made a deal with Mitch to move the judges over the last two holiday breaks, as is customary, and in a classless move, Chuck is refusing this time. Typical.

From The Hill: Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.), under pressure from groups on the left, will not agree to a customary year-end package of judicial nominees, according to a Senate Democratic aide.

Schumer and his Democratic colleagues are in no mood to agree to a year-end deal after a federal judge in Texas struck down the entire Affordable Care Act last week, including protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Senate leaders usually agree to a package of judicial and executive nominees before major holiday recess. Judicial nominees, in particular, have been a top priority of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who views them as the party’s best chance to shape the political leaning of the country for decades.

But progressives skewered Schumer after he agreed to similar packages in August and October in exchange for letting vulnerable incumbents hit the campaign trail.

He’s been tight lipped this week about if he would agree to such a deal as Congress looks to wrap up its work for the year.

“Our job right now is to get the government funded without a wall. We have had no discussion about judges. None,” Schumer told reporters during a weekly leadership press conference, where he declined twice talk about a potential agreement.