Chris Christie Issues Warning To Trump About Mark Meadows: “He has all the looks of a cooperating witness”

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie went on CNN to claim that Mark Meadows has flipped on former President Donald Trump.

“Do you think Mark Meadows is gonna testify?” Anderson Cooper asked.

Christie said: “Oh, I’ve said all along I think Mark Meadows is already a cooperating witness. He has all the looks of a cooperating witness – running into coffee shops away from the press.”

“And he’s disappeared in the indictment,” Cooper said. “He’s referenced once or twice.”

Christie said: “So, when you didn’t see Mark Meadows as an unindicted co-conspirator and you see absolutely no mention of him at all?”

“How devastating do you think his testimony could be?” Cooper asked.

Christie said: “It could be the worst testimony for him outside the family members because Mark Meadows was with him constantly during that time.”

“And involved in all of it,” Cooper said.

Christie said: “He was a very involved chief of staff, in my experience.

“He made sure he was in every meeting and every conversation. 

“And we remember, there are hundreds of text messages that he turned over to the special counsel that he kept.”

Christie went on MSNBC today and trashed Trump. He said:

“He’s not putting America first. That’s the great irony of this campaign.

“He’s put Donald Trump first.

“The problem with Trump is that he knows no sense of history, no intellectual curiosity, and doesn’t care whether he puts himself before the country at every turn.

“How are the American people benefited by keeping boxes of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago?” 

“They were there for him to continue to pretend he was president and show off for people who were on the back patio at Mar-a-Lago by showing them things he shouldn’t have been showing them.”