Chicago Store Owner To Sue City After Business Is Looted Twice

Walid Mouhammad, a businessman who had his store looted twice in Chicago will sue the city over its failed response to the looting.

“I’ve been through a lot. A lot of drama, a lot of stress. I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Mohammad said explaining that he just spent $300k to repair the store after the last looting.

“No one responded, nobody to protect my business. That’s the first thing I want to know — who’s going to respond for that?” Mohammad said. “I want to see who are responsible for this.”


“I want to know, are we protected or not? I want them to take care of the small businesses,” said Mohammad.

From ABC7:

The suspects were caught on his security cameras ripping out a new steel security door he just had replaced.

“This is the second time,” Mouhammad said. “I’ve been open for just 40 days, so who will be responsible for this?”

After spending over $300,000 to re-open his store following May’s looting spree, Mouhammad says Monday’s damage is worse.

Once the door was pried open, security cameras show a flood of looters coming in and ransacking the place.

Besides stolen merchandise, the ATM was also ripped out.

The latest destruction took place just hours after Mayor Lori Lightfoot warned looters the city will hold them accountable.

“I deserve the same service as any other citizen in the city. If the police can go somewhere else for manpower, how come we can’t get manpower,” said Tommica Foster-Akin, who owns the building.

“All sides of town need to be outfitted with the proper resources from police,” said Tommica’s brother Belvie Foster.

The brother and sister are longtime west side building owners who say they called police multiple times Monday, but no-one showed up to stop the looting until it was too late.

“I made six calls myself,” Tommica said. “The store owners, they made calls; my maintenance guys made calls.”