Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Caves, Sends Police to Guard Her Home As Protesters Get Too Close

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot in a stunning turnaround had to actually deploy dozens of police officers to protect the block where she lives after protesters set their sights on it.

The cops formed a human barricade as close to a thousand protesters headed towards Lori’s home. This was the same day she ordered her first midnight run and ordered a sneak team to remove a Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park. She’s doesn’t know what she is doing anymore, she is in over her head.

From CBS: About 1,000 protesters gathered in Logan Square Thursday night calling for racial justice and police reform.

The protesters were gathered at Kimball and Wrightwood avenues, close to where Mayor Lori Lightfoot lives, as of 9:15 p.m.

The group included representatives of Black Lives Matter and Good Kids Mad City, and they are also calling for the defunding of police.

The protest began at the actual Logan Square at Milwaukee and Kedzie avenues. It grew considerably as it moved through the neighborhood.

Organizers called the protest event Logan Square Lockdown.

From Breitbart:

At the same time protesters were pressing in on Lightfoot, the mayor, who is in her first term, ordered that a statue of Christopher Columbus be removed in the dead of night. The Chicago Tribune reported on the statue removal:

Hoping to avoid another high-profile confrontation between police and protesters like the clash that happened last week, Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered the statues of Christopher Columbus removed from Chicago’s Grant and Arrigo parks overnight.

Lightfoot’s abrupt move in the dark of night was an about-face for the mayor, who has opposed taking down statues of the Italian explorer on the grounds that it would be erasing history. The mayor’s office statement Friday morning said that the city would soon announce “a formal process to assess each of the monuments, memorials, and murals across Chicago’s communities, and develop a framework for creating a public dialogue to determine how we elevate our city’s history and diversity.”

Not all Italian American leaders in Chicago are on board with the decision, but it has received the blessing of some groups, sources said. By taking the statues down, Lightfoot may draw criticism from those who believe she caved to activist demands.

“What has become of Chicago? We have a mayor forced into submission by anarchy & mob-rule? No more public process, official discourse, or on-the-record debate. The lesson learned is that if you want action from Lightfoot, show up en mass at her house & she will cave every time,” Alderman Raymond Lopez tweeted.