Chicago Alderman Tells Joe Biden To Shut His Mouth: “Quit talking about Bidenomics, quit talking about all the great things you supposedly did”

Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez revolted against President Joe Biden and told him to shut his mouth and fix the migrant crisis rather than take victory laps for the ‘great things you supposedly did for this state.’

Lopez said: “Quit talking about Bidenomics. Quit talking about all the great things you supposedly did for this state because I’m looking at 12,000 mouths to feed in my city alone that they have completely forgotten about.

“There’s no one saying how much we’ve spent from July One and what we’ll go through until December 31st. I’m anticipating that bill will be another $120 to $150 million dollars.

“We know the buses keep coming in every day.

‘And we know that we have a thousand people in police stations right now with no clear plan for what to do and no way of paying for whatever’s coming down the pipe.

“We have a structural surplus built into the annual budget of $400 million dollars, of which $300 has been eaten away because of this migrant crisis.

“And it will only get worse the longer we wait to address this matter.”

According to Fox32:

Lopez maintains that under the Biden administration, too many asylum seekers remain in the country for an indefinite period of time ultimately deferring the legitimacy of their claims for asylum when deportation is the more prudent action.

The 15th Ward Alderman was the only Democrat during Tuesday’s Cook County Party Slate 2024 Primary not to vote for the Biden/Harris ticket over what he describes as the administration’s failure to adequately address the crisis and spare taxpayers any further burden.