Chelsea Handler Calls For Twitter To Ban Trump: “Terrorizing the country he swore to serve”

Hollywood star Chelsea Handler crossed the line with her new Trump attack and she should be ashamed.

There are plenty of valid criticisms of President Trump one could argue but when the left gets all hysterical they lose credibility.

They have learned nothing and in that way, Trump will sneak up on them in November.

She said: “The discord in today’s America is being caused by Trump. If you are scared and fearful, it is because of him and his supporters who own guns.”

“If you are rich, and are thinking about your taxes, remember that a vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy.”

She continued:

“Now that Trump’s Twitter has proven to give false information, cause violence and deaths, isn’t it time to shut his feed down?”

“He is harming Americans every day, and encouraging violence. This is not free speech. He is terrorizing the country he swore to serve.”

She added: “So, Trump supporters who own guns are allowed to walk around the streets and open fire when they see fit, yet an innocent black man who broke up a fight was shot 7 times by police, paralyzed by police, and then handcuffed to his hospital bed—by police. You must vote in November.”