Bombshell Court Testimony Sinks James Comey, Shows FBI Offered $1 Million To Prove Trump Dossier Claims

Before the 2016 election, the FBI led by showboat James Comey offered retired British spy Christopher Steele “up to $1 million” to prove the allegations in his dossier about Donald Trump a senior FBI analyst testified yesterday in court.

Steele did not collect because he could not verify the contents of the salacious dossier the Dems used to cast doubt upon Trump’s character. FBI supervisory analyst Brian Auten testified yesterday to the sordid plot and said Steele never got the money because he could not “prove the allegations.”

“Mr. Steele was offered anywhere up to a million dollars for information which could help prove the allegations,” Auten said.

Auten also testified that Steele refused to give the FBI the identity of his sources during their October 2016 meeting. But it gets worse for Comey.

“No,” Auten said under oath when Durham asked if the FBI had any corroborating evidence for the Steele Dossier on the date the agency applied for a FISA warrant to spy on Trump adviser Carter Page.

According to CNN:

Auten also said Steele refused to provide the names of any of his sources during that meeting, and that Steele didn’t give the FBI anything during that meeting that corroborated the claims in his explosive dossier.

Auten was testifying at the criminal trial of Igor Danchenko, a primary source for Steele’s dossier, who is being prosecuted by special counsel John Durham. Danchenko has pleaded not guilty to five counts of lying to the FBI about his sourcing for some information that ended up in the dossier. His trial kicked off Tuesday at the federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia.

Durham, a Trump-era prosecutor who is looking for misconduct in the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation, handled most of the in-court arguments on Tuesday and personally questioned Auten on the witness stand – a rare move for a special counsel and former US attorney.

In opening statements, prosecutors said Danchenko “fabricated a source” and “concealed a source” in his interviews with the FBI in January 2017, where investigators were furiously trying to “corroborate or refute” the details of the Trump-Russia dossier.

Prosecutor Michael Keilty said Danchenko’s alleged lies “corrupted” the functions of the FBI.