Bill O’Reilly Issues Warning: “There’s only one guy that can convict Donald Trump and that’s Mike Pence”

Bill O’Reilly said the Department of Justice will lose the Trump case, “I am sitting here going ‘If that’s your case, you’re gonna lose’ unless Mike Pence testifies against his former boss and backs DOJ’s 

allegations that the ex-president fraudulently tried to overturn his 2020 election loss.

Bill said: “So there’s only one guy that can convict Donald Trump, and that’s Mike Pence. If Pence goes into the courtroom and says ‘Donald Trump knew the election was not a fraud, but he said it anyway, and I can prove it, and here’s the proof,’ Donald Trump goes down.”

“If somebody like Mark Meadows would say ‘Yeah, I was in the same conversation and Trump said X, Y, and Z,’ the jury in the trial, whatever gets there, that would be really damning.

“Pence, himself, is an honest man. 

“He’s in over his head now. 

“He did the right thing because there was no basis not to certify the electoral votes. 

“In order for Pence to not certify them, there would have had to been evidence presented in a federal court about massive fraud in the election. 

“That evidence was not presented, so constitutionally, Pence had to do what he did. 

“Donald Trump doesn’t believe that, will never believe it, because he doesn’t want to believe it. 

“But that’s the historical fact.

“For the federal government to go in and say to a jury ‘Oh he really didn’t believe that.’ 

“That’s not true. 

“Trump believed it because he wanted to believe it, and I am sitting here going ‘If that’s your case, you’re gonna lose.’ 

“The government will  lose, okay? 

“But if Pence comes in with something to contradict my analysis, then things change.”