Bill Maher Tells Michael Moore To ‘Shut The F*ck Up’ After Filmmaker Trashed GOP

Hollywood comedian Bill Maher reached his limit with Michael Moore last night on Maher’s show ‘Real Time’ after the documentary filmmaker made a long boring speech and attacked the GOP.

MICHAEL MOORE: But I honestly believe, Bill and you know, you and I are are two well-known pessimists, I think, and and I have never felt this optimistic. And I, and, you know, I was on your show here, what’s, now six years ago when I said that Trump was going to win. And the audience booed me and you stood up for me. I was just saying, when I look, I’m out, I’m around.

You know, I’m from the Midwest. I think I had a pretty good sense of what was going to happen. I think the opposite is going to happen this time. I think that that there is going to be such a landslide against the traitors, especially the 147 Republicans who just hours after the insurrection voted to not certify the elected president of the United States, Joe Biden.

And I think that there is going to be so many people coming out to vote.

I want to thank the Supreme Court for reminding women that they are, in fact, second-class citizens and and taking their rights away like this.

There are so many.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the list of states, starting with Kansas, which, by the way, 60% of the people in Kansas.

MICHAEL MOORE: I think there’s a real revolution, a nonviolent revolution going on in favor of democracy.

People don’t want to lose it. We will have course we are confusing and we can’t lose.

BILL MAHER: Michael Moore. Now let’s meet our panel.


BILL MAHER: I’m sorry. Question two!

MICHAEL MOORE: I’m just excited.

We’re going to get rid of these people that are trying to tear the country down.

We’re going to get rid of them.

I’m excited about it.

BILL MAHER: I see. You know, we have some Republicans watching this show.

We are we are for all Americans on this show.

MICHAEL MOORE: So I don’t know. But that’s why we should…

BILL MAHER: Yeah, I know, I know. Shut the f*ck up!

Shut up right now and answer one other question. Okay?