Biden Overrules Pelosi, Will Debate Trump: “I will be a fact-checker on the floor while I am debating him”

Nancy Pelosi knows exactly what is coming and she tried to give Joe Biden a lifeline but he did not take it. It is a gamble for Biden to debate Trump but he is backed into a corner.

Biden today, after Pelosi told him not to debate Trump, overruled her and said he would and that he would fact check Trump in real-time.

Hillary tried a similar strategy and got her clock cleaned. The same will happen to Biden.

“No. I am as long as the commission continues down the street narrow as they have, I will debate him. I know for certain I will try I will be a fact-checker on the floor while I am debating him.”

“But, look, one thing that has gone on so far is the vast majority with notable exceptions of the news media have been fact-checking the things said during the convention.”

“It’s just one lie after another, lie, lie, lie, one after another. But the debates will take place.”

“It has been recommended to me including leading Republicans saying I should not debate Trump unless there’s a fact-checker on the ground saying that’s true, that’s not true. I think everybody knows this man has a somewhat pathological tendency not to tell the truth,” Biden said.

Trump tonight will rip Biden. Excerpts from The Washington Examiner:

“At no time before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies, or two agendas,” Trump is expected to say.

“We have spent the last four years reversing the damage Joe Biden inflicted over the last 47 years. At the Democrat convention, you barely heard a word about their agenda. But that’s not because they don’t have one. It’s because their agenda is the most extreme set of proposals ever put forward by a major party nominee.”

“The Republican Party goes forward united, determined, and ready to welcome millions of Democrats, independents, and anyone who believes in the greatness of America and the righteous heart of the American people,” Trump is expected to say.

“This towering American spirit has prevailed over every challenge and lifted us to the summit of human endeavor.”

Trump is scheduled to deliver his acceptance speech live from the White House at the end of the GOP convention Thursday evening.

Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, will deliver a counteraddress to Trump’s speech. Biden is also expected to appear in a two-minute TV ad that will run up against Trump’s address.