Bette Midler Crosses Line With Don Trump Jr Insult After He Caught Virus: “Thugs and players, baby”

Hollywood continues to disgrace with their treatment of Don Trump Jr. after he tested positive for the virus.

While all things are fair game these days in political warfare we used to at least pretend to wish people a speedy recovery from a deadly virus.

Hellboy Ron Perlman said, “Welp I guess we’re about to find out if cocaine cures COVID.”

Michael Rapaport said, “The Best is yet to come! Wow what a pleasant surprise on a Friday.”

Bette Midler crossed the line and celebrated the diagnosis by responding to a post mocking Don Trump Jr. with the shameful: “Thugs and players, baby.”

Jimmy Kimmel said: “I guess his father finally hugged him.”

Paul Rudnick said: “Don Jr has tested positive. His contacts include:

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Seinfeld writer Layy Johnson said: “Imagine how you would feel if you, your wife, two of your children and many of your closest friends and associates were infected by the virus that you might’ve been able to prevent if you were more careful and then know that trump feels none of that.”

Kristen Johnston said, “Poor COVID.”