Bette Midler Calls Americans Stupid, Rips Trump:‘How stupid are we as a nation, how could so many be fooled by this buffoon’

Hollywood star Bette Midler called Americans dumb before ripping former President Trump saying he is a buffoon and a sociopath. Midler went on Twitter the day before the anniversary of Jan 6 to say Trump incited the riots before whining that so many Americans ‘could be conned by a sociopath.’

Midler said: “Tomorrow is 1/6, one year after one of the most traumatic days in American history & life, the storming of the Capitol, incited by #DonaldTrump, in his desperate attempt to cling to power. 

“The shock to me was as great as 9/11. That so many regular Americans could be conned by a sociopath, so ignorant of the Constitution, so determined to win that he would destroy the government of his own country was the biggest shock of all.  

“How stupid are we as a nation? How could so many be fooled by this buffoon? “#RupertMurdoch #FoxNewsKnew #TraitorTrump,” she said.

Trump canceled a press conference he had planned for January 6 yesterday.

From Axios:

Behind the scenes: Graham, a frequent phone and golfing buddy of Trump, was one of those who urged him to cancel the press conference.

Graham confirmed this to Axios during a phone interview Tuesday night, saying he discussed the subject with Trump over a weekend golf match in West Palm Beach.

Graham said Trump brought up the subject and the senator told him “there could be peril in doing a news conference. … Best to focus on election reform instead.”

Ingraham, another influential Trump ally, strongly signaled during her show Monday night she thought Trump shouldn’t hold a press conference on Jan. 6.

She asked Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) a leading question: “Some things were horrific that happened and shouldn’t have happened that day. … Is it smart for President Trump to do a rally on that particular day, versus next week or the week before?”