Benjamin Netanyahu Takes Swipe At Joe Biden, Calls Elon Musk The Unofficial President Of The U.S.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a veiled swipe at President Joe Biden while visiting with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Elon gave Netanyahu a ride in his new cybertruck while Netanyahu urged Musk to be more vigilant with antisemitism on Twitter.

Netanyahu said: “I hope you find, within the confines of the First Amendment, the ability to stop antisemitism or roll it back as best you can, but also any collective hatred of a people like the one antisemitism represents. 

“I urge and encourage you to find the balance. It’s a tough one.”

Musk said, “I am against antisemitism and against anything that promotes hatred and conflict.

“Free speech at times means that someone you don’t like says something you don’t like.

“There are between 100 to 200 million posts a day on X and “some of those are going to be bad.”

Netanyahu said: “I don’t care if it is from the hard right of the hard left, it is important to condemn it.”

He then called Musk “the Edison of our time” before taking a swipe at Biden by calling Musk the unofficial president of the U.S.