Ben Carson Mocks Media Over Housing Claims: ‘I Expect Little In The Way Of Analysis Or Truth’

“I’ve grown to expect little in the way of analysis or truth from most of the media,” Ben Carson said condemning the media.

“So many of them said that our policy is racist, and we’re trying to keep suburbs white and silly stuff like that,” Carson said.

“You know, they don’t know the facts. They don’t know that 52% of African Americans live in the suburbs.”

“That 60% of Hispanics live in the suburbs, 62% of Asian Americans live in the suburbs.”

Ben continued, “What we’re saying is the suburbs, and the people who are responsible at the local level, can run it any way they want, they can build whatever they want, but let them do it, not the federal government,” Carson said.

“Because we want people doing things who are responsible to the voters, and therefore will work in a way that makes sense in their various localities.”

From Justthenews:

In a 2016 article in The Atlantic, for example, Alana Semuels cited this research from Brookings Institution fellow Elizabeth Kneebone:

“Today, the majority — 52 percent — of African Americans in the nation’s top 100 metro areas live in the suburbs of those regions …

In 2000, the majority — 55 percent — of African Americans in the 100 largest metro areas lived in the big cities that anchor those regions.”

The Pew Research Center reported in 2018 that “Urban and suburban counties are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse at a much faster pace than rural counties,” noting that since 2000, “the white population did not grow as sharply as other groups did, leading to a decline in the white share of the total U.S. and suburban populations.”