AOC Officially Demands Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley And Kevin McCarthy Resign Over Riots

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) just made her move and is officially demanding GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy resign.

AOC said, “What we saw last week was not just a violent coup attempt, but we also saw a dereliction of duty and a betrayal of our country and a betrayal of the oath that we swear.”

“And that is why I have demanded the resignations of Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, and Republican Minority Leader in the House McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy, along with many others, because this is not just about political opinion or partisanship.”

“This was about the abandonment of our sworn oath,” she added.

“For what?” she asked. “For personal ambition? For greater loyalty to a base?”

From The Daily Wire:

Ocasio-Cortez’s new “demands” follow her comments last week on Instagram in which she railed,

“And so, I want to be clear to Senator Ted Cruz, you do not belong in the United States Senate.”

“I want to be clear to Senator Josh Hawley, you do not belong in the United States Senate. You do not belong in any democratically elected seat when you don’t, when you do not believe that that election was even legitimate, according to your self-serving claims. So get out.”

“If they had any shred of integrity, any shred of integrity about their claims, their lies really, but their claims about this election, they would take off their pin and turn it in,” she continued.

“But this isn’t about the truth to them. This is about if they want to be president in 2024. Let me give you a sneak peak. You will never be president.”

“You will never command the respect of this country. Ever. Ever. And you should resign. So should every member of Congress that voted to overturn the results of our election.”