Angel Moms Knock Nancy Pelosi Off High Horse, Wipe Arrogant Smirk Off Her Face

Don’t mess with Angel mothers is the lesson Nancy Pelosi should take from her embarrassing humbling on live TV.

Angel Moms have children who have been murdered by illegal aliens living in the United States and they are not happy with incoming House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

The co-founder of, Mary Ann Mendoza, called out Pelosi for never meeting with them before dropping the hammer on the entire Democratic party.

“After watching the debacle in the White House the other day, I was very ashamed to even think that Nancy Pelosi would be Speaker of the House, to think that Chuck Schumer is a Senator in the United States,” Mendoza said.

“And the thing that really bothers me about Nancy Pelosi is she goes on and on and on about the cost of the wall, but what Nancy Pelosi fails to talk about is the cost of supporting illegal aliens in our country, which is already at $136 billion and by not building the wall, that number will keep increasing every single year.”

“So she’s failing to tell the American taxpayers, ‘Hey, follow my lead and more money is going to be coming out of your pockets,’ instead of building a wall for a flat fee and be done with it.”

Correct and Mendoza was just getting warmed up.

“The other thing that Nancy Pelosi fails to ever talk about, ever, is the victims of illegal alien crime. Those are our children amongst hundreds of thousands of others. Unfortunately, our children have been murdered or killed.”

“We are fighting so that no other American family has to feel the pain and the grief that we do. We’re tired of being ignored by politicians in D.C.,” Mendoza continued. “No Democratic politician will ever meet with us, will never meet with us … because they can’t face us.”

“I want to ask Nancy Pelosi this and I hope she hears this: How much of the cost of the wall would mean to you Nancy if it can be predicted that a loved one of yours could be saved two years from now because that wall was built,” Mendoza asked of Pelosi. “I’m sick of hearing about innocent Americans becoming collateral damage in this fight.”

“Not one more American life needs to be lost at the hands of an illegal alien criminal in this country,” Mendoza concluded devastating the hapless Pelosi.

Angel Mom Angie Morfin blasted Pelosi and Schumer:

“I’m here to support my president. When I got to meet Mr. Trump, he was candidate Trump. He held my hand and told me everything was going to be okay. And I believe him. [Emphasis added]

I know that he’s here to fight for the American people. And I love my president. I don’t care what anybody says. He’s a good president. And shame on Nancy Pelosi and Schumer.”

“My daughter was 18, she had dreams, she had a life. This man that killed my daughter will spend two years in prison and be released on early parole on February 7, 2021. He has not even been in jail at six months at this point,” said Angel Mom Kathy Hall

“I don’t know of any other American that can go out there and commit murder and be released, but he won’t get parole.

He’s going to be deported, hopefully. But he will not be monitored like a U.S. citizen would. There has got to be change.

We have got to be able to monitor these people with their criminal acts before they return back to this country or not let them return back to this country would be better.”