Alyssa Milano Throws Temper Tantrum, Trashes Trump and Whines About Her Low Ratings

Alyssa Milano just had a public meltdown where she whined about her low rated podcast and trashed Trump and blamed him for darn near everything. She said:

“First of all—whoever voted for Trump in 2016 and hasn’t seen the light in the last four years, is a complete mystery to me. He’s horrible and every day is a new low. It’s not too late to do what’s right. Really?! MLB can’t play baseball with all the money and exclusivity and testing in the country, and you want me to send my kids to school?

I feel so bad for the older generation. They’ve fought their entire lives to just chill and enjoy their grandkids and drink mamosas and this happens? A botched pandemic response that leaves them vulnerable and alone.


And don’t even get me started  with how fucked our priorities are in this country. We’ve got secret armed police in full-on tactical gear but we don’t have enough PPE for our frontline healthcare workers?! I mean what in the actual fuck is wrong with us?

We’ve got a President who is so orange and horrible that he doesn’t care who knows he’s orange and horrible. Actually, his horrible is a strategy. It’s a campaign strategy. So is the orange. In what world are we living in?

And my heart aches for all our kids who will probably wipe down groceries and wear gloves to go get the mail when they are grown ups. All the athletes and artists and thinkers we can’t nuture & the social development we won’t develop because they are just home.

And everything is fucked. So fucked that a sleeping woman can be shot and killed and the people who killed her aren’t arrested. Black lives matter still, you racist assholes.

And babies can be locked in cages and we don’t break them out and demand they’re reunited with their mamas. That’s how fucked this is. We are just like, “don’t look away, retweet me.

And Native Americans have to fight to get a major sports team renamed because their  name is so horribly offensive. But they refused for years because racism is just as American as apple pie.


And we have to publicly profess our support of other women by posting black and white selfies on IG when even the idea suggests that women don’t support each other to begin with. (We do support each other. We just don’t want men to know that we do.)

DONALD TRUMP IS THE WORST. Hello? What is he going to do between the time he loses and Biden is sworn in? He will still be in power. We are so fucked. 150,000 Americans lost. Tens of millions of jobs lost. And he’s bragging about a cognitive test that my 5 year old passed.

I miss wandering around a book store and having date nights with my husband. I don’t remember the last time I shaved my legs. Actually, I do. It was for my cousin’s wedding in MARCH. (4 months).

And the collective pain. Oh my god. The global pain. Loss and uncertainty and heartache and dreams… destroyed by this administration.

And even with all of this going on people still find the time to call me horrible things on social media.”