Alan Dershowitz Says Nancy Pelosi’s Hearings Will Fail Because They’re For Partisan Advantage: “That’s why I think this hearing will fail”

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz predicted Nancy Pelosi’s hearings regarding Jan 6 will fail because they for ‘partisan advantage’ in a blow to the Speaker.

“He will be called to testify; he’ll invoke executive privilege, perhaps,” Dershowitz said of Trump. “Perhaps he’ll want to testify. The American public does have a right to know what happened.”

Alan continued: “The key is individual responsibility. This is something that happened collectively, but every individual person must be held accountable for what they did and didn’t do — the president included.”

“You can’t judge this thing collectively, and so I think the focus has to be on a particular people. What did they do? And we have to know the facts.”

Alan said that he is representing a Washington student “who went into the Capitol not to obstruct justice, but simply to defend the senators who were calling for hearings.”

“The courts held that every individual was an individual and had to be treated as an individual under the First Amendment,” Dershowitz said of the decision in the famous Chicago 7 trial.

“In Washington today, it’s impossible to do anything without trying to get some partisan advantage, and that’s why I think this hearing will fail,” Dershowitz said.

“I think in the end we won’t learn the truth. We will learn Democratic truths and we will learn Republican truths, but we won’t learn the actual truth because no one is interested in the truth,” he said.

“Everybody is interested in advancing their partisan interests. Unfortunately, that is the case,” Dershowitz said.

“The American people are entitled to know what actually happened, the actual truth. We’re not going to learn it from partisan investigations,” he added.