Aaron Rodgers Silences Keith Olbermann After EX-MSNBC Host Celebrated His Injury

Aaron Rodgers fired back at Keith Olbermann after the ex-MSNBC hack celebrated Rodgers’ season-ending injury Monday night.

Olbermann mocked the Jets quarterback’s injury after watching the four-time NFL MVP go down just four plays into the game with a torn Achilles. “Another #SuddenLisfranc due to failure to vaccinate,” Olbermann said.

When the Jets posted a message that said: “Not the way any of us wanted it to go, but we know the commitment you’ve made to this team will continue to impact us moving forward. Get well soon, @AaronRodgers12.”

Olbermann responded, “Define ‘any.’” Keith like many on the left are upset Aaron did not take the COVID vaccine.

Other Dems followed Keith  “Oh, so now Aaron Rodgers believes in doctors. Aaron Rodgers out for season with torn Achilles per ESPN.

“Buck up, Aaron. Could be worse. You could be medically vulnerable in a world where ignorant jackass celebrities spread medical disinformation.

Kevin Kruse said:

“Sources tell me Aaron Rodgers is on the phone with Dr. Joe Rogan. 

“Apparently, all he needs to do is ingest a half cup of Mister Clean and a dozen marbles.”

Bradley P. Moss said:

“A bunch of folks in my Mentions are asking why I’m incessantly trashing Aaron Rodgers, who no doubt is hurt.

“Why? Because when COVID hit, two of my closest and oldest friends – expertly trained doctors – were on the front lines in hospitals responding to it.

“When we all were safely cocooned in our homes for months, they were at work, in the eye of the storm, wearing insane amounts of PPE just to perform regular duties. “They put their lives at risk to help others as we faced down a one-in-a-century pandemic. 

“Then vaccines arrived. Enter Aaron Rodgers. When the NFL was trying to emerge from COVID for something approaching a normal season in 2021, it imposed immunization protocols. Quarantine procedures. 

“What did Rodgers do? It appears he misled Packer medical staff and the NFL by suggesting he was vaccinated when he was not. See, he had done his own research. He didn’t need the medical elite. Aaron Rodgers, high school graduate who never finished studying – checks notes – American Studies at Cal knew better. He knew how to immunize himself.

“Now, did Rodgers have a right to express his views? Of course. Did all of us have that right? Of course.

“But when you express contempt and disdain for those of us who spend our lives training for expertise in a particular skill set, don’t be shocked when we exercise our right to enjoy a bit of karma when you suddenly need us.”

Enter Aaron Rodgers who said:

“Get your 5th booster, Keith… BUM!”