66% of Americans Say Joe Biden Winning Re-Election In 2024 Would Be A ‘Disaster or Setback’ According To CNN Poll

CNN dealt a near-fatal blow to the campaign of President Joe Biden in a new poll finding that 66% of Americans think a Joe Biden second term would be a ‘disaster or a setback.’

That is as bad as it gets. At least according to Jake Tapper who said: “Horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden. Those are some bad numbers.”

Only a third of Americans say that Biden winning in 2024 would be a step forward or a good thing for the country (33%). More terrible numbers Biden deserves.

The favorable views of Biden over the past six months have fallen off a cliff, from 42% in December to 35% now. 

Biden’s approval rating for handling the presidency is at 40%, among the lowest for any first-term president since Dwight Eisenhower at this point in their term.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. is making some noise and has Biden worried in the Dem primary. 

Only 60% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say they back Biden in the primary.

20% back Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and 8% are with author Marianne Williamson. 

Trump’s numbers were better than Biden’s but not by much.

CNN contributor David Challian said: “Trump’s hardcore supporters are more into him than perhaps Biden’s hardcore supporters are into him.”

Tapper said: “Yeah, it’s worse for Biden but for both of them, most of the American people think electing them would be a disaster or a setback for both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the current Democratic and Republican frontrunner.”

According to MSN:

Within his own party, 60% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say they back Biden for the top of next year’s Democratic ticket, 20% favor activist and lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and 8% back author Marianne Williamson. Another 8% say they would support an unnamed “someone else.”

Biden’s primary supporters are largely locked in: 58% say they would definitely support him and 42% say that they could change their minds.

In contrast, those backing other candidates are far from committed, with just 19% in that group saying they definitely will support their first-choice candidate and 81% saying that they could change their minds.

The poll suggests that Biden would likely win the support of the vast majority of Democratic-aligned voters in 2024.

Just 14% in that group say they wouldn’t back him in the primary. And only 7% say they definitely would not support him in November 2024 should he win the party’s nod.

But the results signal that Biden could face a challenge keeping Democratic-aligned White non-college voters in his camp in next year’s general election:

16% of these voters say they definitely won’t support Biden in November 2024, compared with 1% of White Democratic-aligned voters with college degrees and 5% of Democratic-aligned voters of color.