Tim Allen Mocks Joe Biden Over Classified Document Scandal

Hollywood star Tim Allen broke his silence on President Joe Biden’s latest scandal with a funny joke. Allen said: “Left some classified papers behind a Chevy Corvette that’s sad Mr. President. Now had you left classified papers behind a Ford Probe that’s fun.

Twitter users joined with Allen to mock Biden with one saying, “Definitely not a Smart car.” Another said: “Not the probe Tim, not the probe.” Another said: “If he had left them next to a Tesla, problem would have solved itself.”

Biden is preparing to fight the newly empowered GOP’s investigative efforts. Yesterday Jim Jordan threatened to subpoena the White House if they stonewalled and from recent comments from team Biden it looks like they will fight.

According to Yahoo:

A White House official attacked House Republicans on Tuesday for engaging in “political stunts” over the classified documents found in President Biden’s home and former office, declining to say whether it will cooperate with congressional investigations into the issue.

“They’re faking outrage,” White House communications officer Ian Sams told reporters, pointing to Republicans’ apparent lack of dismay after highly sensitive documents were found last summer at Mar-a-Lago, the estate where Donald Trump retired after his White House term concluded.

“When it comes to Congress we intend to review and respond to oversight inquiries in good faith,” Sams said. But “we’re going to call it out when we see rampant hypocrisy,” he added, criticizing Republicans for what he called a “total lack of credibility.”

Adding to Biden’s problems a government watchdog group, Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT), filed an ethics complaint with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics on Tuesday.

“The American public will not tolerate a two-tiered system of justice – with well-connected insiders subject to a lower standard of scrutiny than the normal citizen,” PPT director Mike Chamberlain said.